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Easily deploy VR training and AR smart glass apps in your organization

5 steps to VR training


Import models of your workspace and tools to VR


Perform tasks in VR to record the sequence


Tag and arrange tasks to finalize the checklist


Deploy training application to VR HMDs


Deploy checklist application to AR smart glass


Now your team is ready to train and work with XR

Use Cases


Hands-on training of assembly sequence in virtual reality. This same sequence is later deployed to smart glass and can be used by a worker continously as a checklist or documentation while performing assembly tasks in working conditions.

Technical inspection

Firstly a trainee practices in VR on a simulated set of elements that can be either correct or incorrect / damaged. He has to properly evaluate technical state of all elements. Then in real life he works with smart glass application which guides him through elements to be checked and provides tools to make documentation or report from the inspection.

Warehouse operations

Logistics employees can practice both, warehouse picking and inventory count in virtual reality. Then, with assistance of smart glass application integrated with a ring barcode scanner, they are able to operate and navigate in a warehouse basicly hand-free.

Field service

Employee can train any servicing scenario in VR with or without manulas and checklists. Then, in real life he can use digital manuals or other documentation on his smart glass device. He can also make use of remote support application so an expert from a different location can guide him through the process.

Damage assesment

VR training app for practising damage identification and documentation. There are multiple variants for each element’s state so the trainee can see different states in different training sessions. With smart glass application a person can proceed through the damage assesment with a checklist and make a documentation at the same time.

Other use cases?

If you think this technology can be applied to another use case, give us a shout! We are constantly working on new industrial applications within the Industry XR platform.











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